Hello and welcome to my blog.

My name is Stephanie, and in this space I’ll be posting pretty much anything I can turn out, including my opinions on various things… maybe.

I mostly like to create- characters, environments, assets- but mostly, anything with a character-driven storyline. For years I was into the webcomic medium, and I’ll still consider the occasional foray into it, but I’ve learned that the traditional webcomic – updating week after week with no end in sight – is not for me.

I love telling stories, but I like the freedom to swing from project to project, and also the ability to decide which medium is the best for the particular story I want to tell. Consequently, expect to see everything here from one-panel comics and doodles, to continuous chapter-by-chapter stories, and much more ambitious projects.

I don’t do this professionally, and I’m still trying to learn, so everything may not be perfect, but I’m just trying to have fun with it!